At Appletons, we know a well framed picture is like a treasured piece of furniture.

Our staff will advise and guide you in making the ultimate choice of frame to complement your art


Appletons offers a wide selection of frames from the tradition guilded frames, to contemporary lacquer finished and metal frames.

These are just a few of the samples we have in store.

We also carry a range of ready-made frames from small photo frames of 4”x 6” up to poster size in a variety of colours and styles. There is also available in store, a collection of brass, silver and quality wood ready made frames.

Mount Cards

We offer a variety of mounting styles:

  • single mounts
  • double mounts
  • float mounting
  • raised mounting

We also store a selection of pre-cut mounts ready to take away.



Old mount cards can become discoloured, no longer suit the image or simply need updating.
At Appletons we offer a comprehensive re-mounting service. Our experienced advisers will guide you through the process of selecting a new mount card that will complement your image and present it at its best.



There are many types of glass available for framing.

In Appletons we offer four types.

  • Clear
  • Anti Reflective
  • Conservation Clear
  • Museum

Each type has different properties

Clear Glass

At 2mm thick, clear glass is lightweight and the most commonly use.

Anti Reflective Glass

The best clarity glass on the market offering superior look and up to 70% UV protection. This is a customer favourite.

The darker an image is the more reflection it can create. When a dark image is glazed with regular glass is can create a ‘mirror” type reflection. Non reflective glass will reduce this in most situations.

Non Reflective Glass is generally 15% more expensive than clear glass.

Conservation Clear Glass

Conservation Glass offers a high UV protection rate (99%) and therefore protects the artwork to a much higher degree than clear or non reflective glass.

If you display your valued art in a sun-lit room, you should use a high UV blocker glass.

Conservation Clear - Museum Glass

Museum Glass

Museum Glass is the Rolls Royce of glass. Generally used on expensive or highly treasured items.

While providing the same UV filtering ability as Conservation Clear Glass (99%), it offers a much higher optical level.

At most angles it is virtually invisible and most people are amazed at its clarity.

Conservation Standard

Hand-made to the highest conservation standard, all Appletons frames are completed using acid free or acid neutral components.

Every mount-board we use are acid free to protect the artwork and the backing board is PH balanced to prevent discolouration.

The back of the frame is sealed to prevent foxing and avert moisture penetration.

We also offer high value UV protection glass to further enhance conservation.

Photographs, Watercolours, Sketches & Pastels

All are framed in a similar way presented in a mount-card and framed.

We do not recommend framing without a mount-card as the image will adhere to the glass and look unsightly.

Oil & Acrylic Paintings

We always stock a large selection of Artist Ready Made Frames in standard sizes from 10” x 8” to 20” x 16”

Traditional framing for

Oil on Board or Oil on Canvas

Oil on board, oil on canvas or acrylic paintings are generally framed without glass.

Canvas Stretching

Canvas stretching allows the image to hang directly on the wall or be fitted into a box style or a traditional oil on canvas frame

Items that can be stretched include traditional oil on canvas paintings, batiks and photo canvas prints.

Sports Clothing & Memorabilia

Discuss your requirements with our staff.

Almost any sport item can be framed

  • Sport Shirts
  • Sport Shoes
  • Hockey Stick
  • Boxing Gloves
  • Medallions
  • Signed Memorabilia

3D Items

You name it, we frame it

Almost any three dimensional item can be framed

  • Shoes
  • Tiles
  • Gloves
  • Medals
  • Golf Clubs


We have a large selection of Ready Made Mirrors in store.

If you cannot find a mirror to suit your needs?

Appletons will make a bespoke mirror to your specifications using any our our of our frames on display.


Recycle your old frames by placing a mirror in them.


Accidents happen. Its a fact of life.

When it does,don't despair.

Appletons offer a complete reglazing and frame repair service at very reasonable prices.