Turn your image into a work of Art

It's as easy as 1 2 3!




Canvas Studio

Imagine… Your favourite photograph printed on canvas!

Print your photograph onto Canvas

Printing onto canvas is a beautiful, lasting way to display your favorite holiday and family photos.

All of our canvases are individually produced and made with the care and attention that every piece of art deserves.


Bring in your photograph either printed, on camera, USB stick or CD/DVD.

Alternatively; e-mail your image to sales@appletons.ie


Let your imagination… Run Wild!

Enlarge your photograph before framing


Restore your treasured photograph

Restoration can include:

  • Aged image restoration
  • Colour enhancement
  • Converting a coloured image to Black & White
  • Colour and Black & White mixtures

Original image had serious creases and damage.

The child on the left was partially hidden behind an unknown person.

Our experts restored all the damage, removed the unwanted person and moved the child to the right to give better balance to the group.

Restored images can be returned to black and white or be printed with a mild sepia tone to preserve the aged look.

Black & White

15% Sepia

25% Sepia


€30 for each 30 minutes of restorative work.

min charge for restoration work €30

Minor touch up after scanning €10